The mission of the Our Time Capital Campaign is twofold: to accommodate our continued strong enrollment growth, and to serve the growing spiritual, academic, and co-curricular needs of our Central Catholic students.

The need to develop our facilities and programs due to the rising demand for a Central Catholic education is greater than ever. Our vision for the Convocation Center of Central Catholic positions us to take the next steps in meeting the needs of our growing San Antonio community and allows us to stay ahead of the ever-changing demands in the classroom, workforce, community, and beyond. The Our Time Capital Campaign focuses on these three major areas of need at Central Catholic:

  • Creation of a community space that welcomes all Central Catholic alumni, friends, and family back home.
  • Bringing state-of-the-art athletic facilities to our students and the downtown San Antonio community.
  • Honoring our Marianist traditions and providing sacred spaces to reflect and worship.

You can help shape a positive future for Central Catholic by joining our efforts! The first step toward this expanded influence is the construction of a $11.2 million, 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art Convocation Center. The center will include a fully regulated basketball gym, locker rooms for all teams, and weight room with a wellness and rehabilitation center. Most importantly, a chapel dedicated to our Mother Adele will also be a part of the facility, allowing us to continue to emphasize the importance of a rounded and meaningful Christian education.

While the Convocation Center will dramatically impact the scholar-athlete of Central Catholic, the expansion will also open space for other critical school programs, impacting every student enrolled on the campus. With the addition of state-of-the-art facilities, we will be able to enhance our traditional service to the greater San Antonio community. Local citizens and visitors to the city will be able to use the Convocation Center for practice space, community outreach, and various educational programs. We expect the impact of the new building to reach far beyond the physical space on North Saint Mary’s Street. As we look back and appreciate the long history of Central Catholic, we also must begin to look forward with hopes and vision for the future of this hallowed institution. We must plan for the impact Central Catholic will continue to have for generations to come within our city, state, and nation.

Our Time is now.