Our Time To Adapt and Change

In the Constitution of 1837, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade declared that “All Marianist apostolic activity is education. Teaching was to be one of the means of educating.” The Marianist belief of “Educate for Adaptation and Change” reflects a prime purpose of the Convocation Center. With 91% of our students involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, there is a critical need for a multi-purpose building. School climate and culture are aspects of the entire educational experience for our young men beyond academics. Fulfilling the school’s mission in modern times requires that school personnel employ new kinds of learning and technology to enhance teaching. Therefore, as instructional needs change and student organizations grow, we must expand our facilities to adapt to these changes in the educational environment for our student body. As Blessed William Joseph Chaminade is often quoted, “New Times demand new methods.”

Our Time To Grow Our Legacy

What unites over 9,000 living alumni and six generations of men? For many, it’s a shared experience of participation in a community of faith (brotherhood), and discovering their vocation to serve others. A Central Catholic alumnus is prepared for the challenges he meets in life knowing full well that he has the support of his fellow classmates and the Central Catholic community. The Convocation Center will allow us to expand the Central Catholic legacy by inviting our passionate alumni and families back home for gatherings, for athletic events, and for prayerful/reflective activities. It will allow us to enhance our position within the greater San Antonio community by hosting more athletic competitions, academic events, and social outreach programs. The Center will also allow us to extend our legacy to San Antonio middle school students by hosting various recruiting activities. This Convocation Center will allow us to continue fostering life-giving relationships amongst of community.

Our Time Is Sacred

The Convocation Center will also speak to community and reflection as the center of faith life. For our students and many alumni, the “Brotherhood” is how our boys experience God in a tangible way. With more spaces to gather (chapel/reflection garden), our community will be able to build fruitful relationships with both their brothers and our God. The Center will be more than just a gym; with the Mother Adele Chapel and Reflection Garden, we honor the women of Central Catholic. The Marianist family has a great affinity for mothers. Blessed William Joseph Chaminade founded our society in Mary’s name with great intention. Mary, as Jesus’ mother, was the first disciple. In John’s Gospel, we know that it was Mary who said, “Do whatever he tells you.” With those simple words, she displayed total confidence and support for her Son. Pope Francis echoes this Gospel value of motherhood saying, “Faith was given to us, as a community of believers, through the love and devotion of a mother.” We see the same love and support every day in the parents and young men of Central Catholic. Mothers and women represent the heart of our families, and it is because of their constant love and patience that we celebrate and honor them. The Convocation Center will allow our legacy of faith-filled women, men, and children to gather together in a sanctuary that provides a foundation of faith to continue supporting our beloved Central High.

Our Time Is Now

We all know Central Catholic’s place in the history of San Antonio; if we intend to maintain that role as the educational leader in our archdiocese, then we must act now to enhance the facilities needed to ensure that our young men have the opportunities to continue the legacy of leadership and faith within our city, state, and nation.